Right of Way Done the Right Way

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Croft and Associates LLC was founded in 1985. With thousands of parcels of all property types acquired, this company knows how to help clients through complex projects with ease, while complying with all applicable regulations.

Croft and Associates LLC has an experienced team that gives careful attention to the intricate details that are unique to your acquisitions.  Croft has developed professional relationships throughout the industry that will help move your community project to completion. Their combined experience and expertise will smoothly turn your project plan into reality.

The Croft team can help you design a plan for your right of way projects. The company knows that your success as an acquiring agency depends on accuracy in the acquisition and appraisal processes.  Certified appraisers specialize in assignments related to indicated market value of real property.  This includes whole and partial acquisitions, damages and/or benefits to remainders, and all types of easements.  Appraisers follow the Standards of Professional Practice as set by the Appraisal Foundation, and comply with local, state and federal regulations.

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